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Keep Your Home Safe with Regular Chimney Sweep and Maintenance

Chimney flue caps are a crucial component in protecting your home and chimney system. They act as a barrier, preventing debris, animals, and moisture from entering the chimney and potentially causing damage. Over time, flue caps can become damaged or worn, leading to the need for replacement or repair. Our experienced technicians can assess your flue cap and provide effective solutions to keep your chimney functioning safely and efficiently. Trust us to provide top-quality flue cap replacement and repair services to keep your home protected.

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Flue Cap • Replacement • Inspection

A damaged chimney cap will allow water and debris into your chimney flue. Water will eventually damage anything it stays in contact with. Debris, such as leaves, twigs and the nests of small animals, will narrow the flue and cause smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into your home.

The technicians at Chimney Care Mn have been sweeping, inspecting, constructing and repairing chimney systems throughout the greater Twin Cities, MN area for decades. In that time, we’ve seen first-hand just how vital a quality, properly installed chimney cap is to the durability and condition of the chimney system and home.

We’ve seen capless chimneys and chimneys with damaged caps suffer extensive water damage and the repairs can be quite involved and rather costly. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t even aware there’s a problem until a lot of the damage has been done. That’s just one of the many reasons why we suggest annual chimney inspections.

During an annual inspection, we’ll use a video camera to get a close look at your entire chimney system from top to bottom. After an inspection, we’ll be able to tell you exactly where your system’s weaknesses are, where repairs need to be made, and where your system could benefit from an added component or layer of protection.

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